CHILDRENS PRIVACY POLICY The Effective Date of this Children’s Privacy Policy is February 1, 2014 

This Childrens Privacy Policy (Children’s Privacy Policy) applies only to the collection and use of information from children younger than age thirteen (13) (Child or Children) using Goxal Studios Apps, which is owned and operated by Filip Tusla, and other interactive features or downloads made available through the app store or that interact with this web site and that include a link to this Children’s Privacy Policy. 

Company is providing this Children’s Privacy Policy to explain Company’s information collection practices at the Site for Children, such as the types of information Company collects regarding Children and how we may use that information. For Company’s privacy policy that applies to our information collection practices for general audience visitors. 


When a Child is asked to provide Personal Information to us other than for so-called one-time uses (as discussed above), we will first collect the Child’s Parent’s e-mail address and use this information to contact the Parent by e-mail to notify the Parent that their Child wishes to provide Personal Information to us. The notice will describe the purposes for which the Personal Information is collected, and provide the Parent with an opportunity to decline our collection of the information from the Child.